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Water Treatment System
Silica Sand Filter
This equipment is a kind of mechanical filter device which consists of layers of sands, fine garnets and other material. It adopts the principle that makes the different sizes of particles in the water filtered layer by layer. The big particle is removed on the top layer, and the smaller particle will be removed on the deep layer. This makes the water quality meet the rough filtering standard, reduce SDI value, meet further water treatment requirements. It is an ideal filter equipment for drink water, food, beverage, pharmacies, chemistry industry.
Precision Filter
This machine is made of stainless steel as a small tank which contains precision filter membrane. It only allows un-treated water go through the membrane, and does not allow any liquid go through other parts, so it can filter the un-treated water. It also can be used in petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, wine industry, beverage industry and higher quality water industry.
Hollow Fibre Ultra Filter
The equipment employs asymmetric semi-permeable membrane which is of polymer and out of special techniques to prevent polymers such as protein, nucleic acid and polysaccharide or colloid particles from entering the membrane, while pure water penetrates, thus fulfilling the separation and purification.
Water Storage Tank
Water storage tank is for storage of raw water or finished product, it is made of stainless steel..
UV Sterilizer
DK-34 ultra-violet sterilizer is ideal equipment for the sterilizing of water for beverage and food industries. It features speed, no change of physical or chemical properties of water, simple operation, automatic, and safety.

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